ADAM is pleased to announce Bobbi Vicente as our new Thompson Outreach Worker

Bobbi’s journey with anxiety disorder began after having her second child.  She was having panic attacks and feeling like people were watching and judging her. She struggled for approximately three years before she sought help and realized that she was not alone in her illness and that there were people she could access to support her. Her recovery experience has been and is “amazing” and she feels to be on the positive road to living a full, rewarding life.

Bobbi’s experience led her to immediately respond to the advertisement for an ADAM Outreach Worker in Thompson, Manitoba and outlying areas. Her hope is to be able to help those with anxiety disorders and give back to the community that gave her help when she needed it. And we, at ADAM, are thrilled to have her working with us.

Bobbi’s past work experience has included mental health Self-Help Coordinator and Counsellor at the Thompson crisis centre.

The contact information for ADAM's Thompson Outreach is:

Phone: 431-754-6720          Email:

Support Group: Tuesdays at the AFM on Princeton Drive, front door - 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Family & Friends Support Group: Wednesdays at the AFM on Princeton Drive, front door - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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