Dark: One NHL Player's Mental Health Struggle

When we look at NHL hockey players we may think that they have it all.  Playing hockey for a living, making lots of money, driving fancy cars, travelling, and the resulting fame.  But what about the side we don't see?  What happens when something that one has worked so hard for their entire life gets derailed by dark thoughts, anxiety, and thoughts of ending it all?  

Corey Hirsch retired NHL goalie writes about his downward spiral through depression, anxiety and OCD.  It is a gripping tale told with such honesty and frankness you may find yourself rooting for him, possibly relating to parts of his story.  

At the end of the day whether people are rich and famous, or the average joe ... we are all human and affected by our mental health.

Please click on the link to the story from the Player's Tribune below:

Dark, Dark, Dark, Dark ...

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