Public Information Sessions

Do you have a loved one who suffers from anxiety and you are struggling to understand what they are going through?

Has your doctor told you that you have anxiety but you are left with more questions than answers?

Do you get physical sensations such as shortness of breath, racing heart, sweating, shaking, or feelings of unreality 'out of the blue' and are needing answers as to what is happening?

Do you get so uncomfortable around people or in social situations that you would rather avoid them altogether?

Join ADAM for FREE Public Information Sessions about Anxiety.  Learn more about anxiety disorders, contributing factors, and treatment options, and the resources ADAM offers.  Evening and daytime sessions available.  No registration required!

Offered the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm

Offered the third Wednesday of the month at noon/12pm


*All sessions will be held at our Winnipeg office at 4 Fort St

For more information call (204) 925-0600 or email at

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