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Yoga For Mental Health

Read this Harvard article on the efficacy of yoga on depression and anxiety.

Apps for Anxiety

Anxiety help you can get anywhere you have a mobile device.  There is even one for kids!  Read on ...

ADAM is on Facebook!

Another way to connect with us is finally here!

World Suicide Prevention Day

Would you take 30 minutes to save a life?

Survey: Depression Treatment Options

Help in developing high quality information about treatments for depression and receive a free gift card! (image courtesy of

U of M Research Study: Youth Participants Needed!

Invitation to participate in a study about youth living with an anxiety disorder.

The Sheepdogs Drummer Shares Anxiety Story

Sam Corbett from The Sheepdogs opens up about his struggle with anxiety.

Interview - Dr. Abdulrehman

Check out Dr. Abdulrehman's interview on Global Winnipeg.