Board of Directors

We are grateful to our Board of Directors for their willingness to share their time and expert knowledge with us:

  • Dr. Jason Ediger 

    Dr. Ediger holds a full time clinical and teaching position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Clinical Health Psychology based out of Seven Oaks General Hospital.  He has a special interest in blending cognitive behaviour therapy with mindfulness based approaches to change and coping. His practice focuses on anxiety, mood difficulties, chronic pain and health concerns in adults and adolescents. He has extensive experience with disability claims and return to work issues.

  • Miguel Lecuyer 

    Miguel has been on the ADAM Board since 2012. His involvement with the organization goes back to the early 90’s when he attended a support group for panic disorder. Miguel received his Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Manitoba, and has been working in the addictions field for the last fifteen years as a counselor, a public educator, and trainer at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba. 

  • Jenny Armatas 

    Jenny has served on the ADAM board for many years.  She has been involved in the social services field for more than 10 years as a social worker within various social services agencies, personal care homes, hospital mental health programs, and community health care clinics. 

  • Dr. John Walker 

    John Walker, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology at University of Manitoba.  He is active in research, particularly in the areas of anxiety disorders, epidemiology of anxiety and depression, coping with illness, and knowledge translation.  Dr. Walker has an interest in treatments that help people learn to cope effectively with anxiety and depression with a special focus on self-help approaches.  He is also developing programs to support parents in helping their children to overcome problems with anxiety. 

    Dr. Walker is coauthor of a book focused on health anxiety titled; Treating Health Anxiety and Fear of Death.(2007) and a self-help book on social anxiety published by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America titled:  Triumph over shyness: Conquering shyness and social anxiety . (2009)

  • Zennon Lisakowski 

    Zennon worked for AFM for most of his career.  He is currently a Workplace and Health Care Professionals Consultant.  He has designed and delivered educational programs for health care professionals- most notably on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Pharmacology and Co-Occurring Disorders.  He has developed programs on addictions for inclusion in the curriculums of various nursing and medical schools in Manitoba.  He is the co-founder of the Committee on Alcohol and Pregnancy and has assisted in the development of the Nurses-at-Risk Committee of CRNM and the Physicians Manual.  He is a past board member of Tamarack Rehabilitation Inc., and a current board member of St. Raphael's Wellness Centre.

  • Arlana Vadnais 

    Arlana Vadnais has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Alberta and a M.A. in Counselling and Psychology from Providence Theological Seminary.  She has worked as a mental health counsellor, advocate and educator for approximately ten years, including work in the areas of domestic violence, diversion programs for first-time offenders,  and community rehabilitation.  For 7 years, she worked at Student Accessibility Services at the University of Manitoba, providing accommodations, services, and supports to students with various disabilities (specializing in the area of mental health).  She is currently working as the Employee Wellness Specialist with Human Resources at the University of Manitoba.

  • Ramona Bonwick 

    Ramona has six years of experience in the non-profit sector, including three years supporting workplaces in the planning and delivery of their annual charitable campaign, and four years as co-chair of leadership giving. Living most of her life with anxiety, Ramona recognizes the value of stress reduction, exercise, support, and counselling (in particular CBT) in learning to manage anxiety.  Ramona is currently enrolled in the Applied Counselling Course at the University of Manitoba.

  • Linda Roland 

    Linda has been in the insurance and investment industry for over 30 years with an interest in group benefits and mutual fund investments.  She is currently employed at C Finance Inc and also operates a small bookkeeping business.  Linda has served on various boards and committees within the community including Scouts Canada.

  • Trent Grindle  

    Trent holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Cultural Anthropology.  He has been employed as a social science researcher and writer.  He also has experience in international teaching of English as a second language, curriculum development and social advocacy.

  • Jeff Hrymak 

    Jeff has been an insurance advisor for 15 years. He has been living with anxiety and depression throughout his adult life and has been dedicated to finding new ways of helping himself and others find that guiding light in both the good and dark times.

  • Shanda Vitt

    Shanda holds a Bachelors of Social Work from the University of Manitoba, and has completed her Certificate in Management and Business Administration.  She has worked at the University of Manitoba since 2005 in different areas, including 7 years as an Academic Advisor.  In 2016 she became a Senior Accessibility Specialist with Student Accessibility Services.  Shanda’s student population as a Senior Accessibility Specialist focuses on student who have a mental health disability, students with mobility and/or physical limitations, and students who have temporary disabilities. 

  • Sarah Petty

    Sarah is a PhD candidate in clinical psychology at the University of Manitoba. She has worked as a co-facilitator, and volunteer for ADAM since 2013. Her research interests include the impact of anxiety on close relationships, and access to mental health accommodations in the workplace.