Participate in a study on trauma and pregnancy

Posted October 6, 2020

Not enough is known about the impact of traumatic experiences and posttraumatic stress symptoms on women who are pregnant and postpartum.

University of Manitoba clinical psychologists Dr. Kristin Reynolds and Dr. Natalie Mota are aiming to fill that gap, and are seeking participants for a research study.

It aims to better understand the experiences and symptoms of perinatal women, with an ultimate goal of developing resources and supports for mothers-to-be in future.

They are seeking to recruit women who meet the following criteria, to participate in an individual interview (virtual or telephone):

Ages 18 and older

Within the perinatal period (pregnant through to the first 12 months postpartum)

Have reported a history of one or more traumatic experiences in the past that is interpersonal in nature (intimate partner violence, sexual assault) OR a traumatic experience relating to their pregnancy, labour and delivery or postpartum experience.

If you are interested in participating, please contact study research assistant Essence Perera at

This study is not affiliated with the Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba and any decisions about participation will not affect services received at ADAM.