The Anxiety and Worry Support Program has been making news all over Manitoba, as the program expands with the help of ADAM outreach workers to reach more and more Manitobans. 

In the Brandon SunMichele LeTourneau spoke with ADAM Executive Director Mary Williams and shared comments from past AWSP participants. 

"They will understand you in a way that no one else can; they can help you feel like there’s hope at the end of this, that you will feel better, that you will feel stronger, that there’s a place to go (virtually) where you will be heard and understood and accepted for exactly who you are and get the support that you need."



The Selkirk Record also spoke to Willams, with a focus on the mental health complications of the pandemic. “One of the complications right now is that we’re being told to isolate, and isolation is not a positive thing when it comes to anxiety,” she said. “I don’t think it’s a positive thing for mental health, period.”

Selkirk Record complete story

Radio interview

Williams also spoke with Thompson radio station CHTM about resources for Northern Manitoba and the expansion of AWSP.