Our Mission

Our vision is to reduce the impact of anxiety disorders on the lives of all Manitobans.  The Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba aims to:

  • offer self-help for all Manitobans affected by anxiety disorders
  • provide Cognitive Behavioural Programs (CBP), and ongoing support groups for the prevention, education, early intervention and management of anxiety disorders to adults.
  • provide resources for children, adolescents, adults, families, employers and health care professionals

ADAM Staff

Board of Directors

Sarah Kasdorf


Sarah Kasdorf

Sarah Kasdorf works as a public servant in mental health policy. She holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto and has a background as a clinical social worker, in addition to having participated in mental health recovery research across Canada. Personally, Sarah has experienced loss as a result of suicide and recognizes the heavy relationship between anxiety and suicide. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Sarah is passionate about building hopeful systems to support the people at the heart of it all and finding creative ways to do things differently in Manitoba.

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Board Members