Programs and Services

Education and Public Awareness

Our Public Education Coordinator delivers information sessions and presentations to service providers, community agencies, schools and the general public in the Winnipeg area. There is no fee for this service to charities and non-profit organizations.  Fees are in place, on a cost recovery basis, in certain circumstances.  Donations are always welcomed.  Please contact the ADAM office to find out more.

Information and Referral Service

ADAM provides information on anxiety disorders, self-help programs and referrals to alternate resources. Please contact the ADAM office for more information.

Cognitive Behavioural Groups & Support Groups

We offer Cognitive Behavioural Programs and follow-up support groups throughout Manitoba for adults (18+)

Peer Support 

These sessions are intended to provide peer-based support to individuals who: may require additional support before participating in a group program; are waiting to begin a 10-week Cognitive Behavioural Program; who have completed a CBT program and require additional support; and/or individuals who cannot participate in a group program due to extenuating circumstances. Individual peer support sessions are not therapy but focus on building practical tools helpful for the management of anxiety symptoms. 

Peer Support for Family & Friends

These sessions are intended to provide peer-based support to friends and family of those experiencing anxiety. Sessions may be helpful for those wishing to better understand anxiety, its signs and symptoms, how to support loved ones living with anxiety, and how to cope and manage with the experience of being a support person.

Those wishing to access this service can call the Peer Support Coordinator at (204) 925-0607 or by email at

You may also contact our main line at (204) 925-0600 or by email at