PTSD can affect individuals who have experienced a situation where they believed they would be seriously harmed or killed, or where they witnessed situations in which they felt others might be harmed or killed.
Examples of such situations are assault, rape, torture, accidents, natural disasters or military combat. People with PTSD often recall such traumatic events with marked fear, helplessness, or horror, even when they are no longer in danger or when the event took place well into the past.

Symptoms of PTSD can range from constantly re-experiencing the event through intrusive thoughts, images, flashbacks, or dreams. They may also experience emotional numbing or increased arousal (e.g. startle responses). People might then avoid places and situations that remind them of the event, or they may self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs.

*PTSD is no longer classified under Anxiety Disorders.  It is now considered to be part of Trauma Related Disorders.  However, there is a significant amount of anxiety associated with PTSD and as such will remain on our website.
If you do have PTSD please click HERE for the website to the PTSD Association of Canada for more help.